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New Release

"Randy Holden - Surf 101 - Live - DVD"

Randy Holden- Surf 101 - Live - DVD

Randy Holden
Lead Guitar, Vocals

Jac Ttanna
Rhythm Guitar

Dusty Watson

Matt Quilter

Margaya 2:34Holden
Little Ollie2:29Holden
Highway Surfer2:34Holden
Malibu Run2:49Holden
Margaya return1:01Holden
Rogue Wave5:07Holden
Swamp Stomp3:07Holden


I Never imagined I would be playing my old Surf Music again when an email from "Matt Quilter"
arrived asking me to play a show at the "Surf 101 Convention". I had no idea Surf Music has
had a reawakening. Though sure enough, as I began asking Matt a few questions, it turned out
to be there is an incredible following for Surf Music, but more than that, there are bands
all over the world playing it in earnest. I hadn't played those songs in 50 years. Nor was I
even sure I could remember how they went, but one thing was certain, it was a total blast to
play Surf Music way back when. The more I pondered the idea, the more fun it sounded like it
would be. Matt twisted my arm further, his being the owner of the great Fender Dual Showman
Amp, which is the only Amp that can faithfully reproduced that particular Big Fat Bottom end
sound that no other Amp ever made is able to do. Matt arranged to bring a couple of the them
over, and see how it might sound. Just as I remembered them, knock you down sound like a big
wave washing over you. Now all that was needed was a band. Matt rounded up "Dusty Watson" who
played with the Great King of the Surf Guitar Dick Dale for 12 years. Dusty could have hardly
fit the bill more. Matt volunteered to fill the Bass spot, then I thought I'd call my age old
friend "Jac TTanna" who was an original member of the "Fender IV", before we became "The Sons
of Adam". Jac was up for it. We managed to arrange to get together and go over the songs. I
have to admit it was a bit of a challenge remembering them. but I managed, and it felt like
we were 18 years old again. The Gig was a blast, the audience was awesome. What a great time.

As a result of the "Surf 101 Convention" Show, I'm Invited to play the "Surfer Joe Festival" in
Livorno, Italy ... June 22 through June 25 2017 ... You never know what the ride on the next
wave will bring, I'm looking verymuch forward to playing the Show. (who knows maybe I'll be
invited to play again for the "Surf 101" show next August, stay tuned.


Recorded Alpine Village, Torrence CA
Video: Salvatore

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